But First, Matcha

Step aside coffee - Matcha is here to take over your mornings! There's no better way to zen out than to brew yourself a perfect cup of our organic Matcha.

Matcha Circle of Lifee

Matcha Manifesto

Inner Matcha is a lifestyle brand that has taken a modern twist to an ancient tea drinking tradition.

Our name is derived from the inner peace and serenity one would get from preparing a tasteful cup of matcha and sipping the wonderful essence of green tea. It is and has always been a way of life that Inner Matcha is proud of.

Matcha has vastly improved our lives in more ways than we can think of and now, we want to help change yours. Whisk it and Sip it just like we do.

Our Humble Beginnings

It all started in an unnamed cafe right outside Raffles Place, sipping on over-brewed and overpriced coffee. It was there and then that we realised we had enough. We wanted to uncover an alternative, something that was healthier and honestly much harder to go wrong with. It was not long before we were introduced to matcha and we just had to try it.

Our very first obstacle was the difficulty in finding high quality matcha in Singapore (that we would be able to afford to drink on a daily basis). Our options were limited to expensive boutique tea retail stores or roughing it out with lower quality matcha more suited for baking/cooking. It was from this that we knew we were onto something.

To quench our thirst for high quality yet affordable matcha, we began sampling and taste testing countless matcha varieties from dozens of suppliers in Japan in search of an exquisite quality that is worthy enough for us to bring over to Singapore. Eventually, we found a supplier from Ise Bay region that not only has superior quality tea leaves but also aligns himself with Inner Matcha’s vision - to spread the word about matcha. Everything fell into place after that and Inner Matcha was born.

Keep Matcha-ing

Zen and the Art of Matcha

Inner Matcha was conceptualised from the inner peace and serenity one experiences whist preparing that perfect cup of matcha and sipping on the wonderful essence of green tea.

With everyone running their busy schedules daily, a cup of matcha served us well in calming our senses for the day ahead.We call it the “minute of meditation” - the process of whisking and eventual sipping on your very own handiwork. A simple method to slow down and take a minute to enjoy the moment, a way of life that we can cherish and enjoy.